Tuesday, May 22, 2007

5 Ways to Hang Over cures

Hangover cures are the sort of thing that would be a nice addition to a care package being sent to a collage student. Or it might be a good gift to give to your graduating senior on graduation morning. I know a lot of graduating senors that will need a hang over cure the next morning. Come to think of it there have been a few new years days when I could have used this.

The hangover Cure works in many ways:
  • purges the body of toxins that alcohol introduces;
  • rehydrates the body, rebalancing electrolytes;
  • restores vitamins, minerals and nutrients, such as sodium, potassium and calcium depleted by alcohol consumption;
  • supports the natural metabolism of alcohol;
  • helps to alkalize the blood, which may have been affected by the acidity of alcohol; and
  • addresses the root causes of a hangover rather than masking its effects with aspirin or calcium carbonate.

Nicknamed "the after drinking drink," The Cure is a convenient, powdered mix enclosed in an airtight package and dissolvable in 20 ounces of water. For best results, it should be taken an hour after the last alcoholic beverage is consumed. Its effectiveness rests on the unique and proprietary blend of ingredients working in sync with water to alleviate the symptoms of a hangover and to rehydrate the body

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